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Fashion Revolution Week 2016

It’s Fashion Revolution week! Do you know who made your clothes? As consumers we can hold brands accountable by using our buying power to support ethical fashion and accessories.
At Sparrow Society we are not only committed to supporting our Creators, but we use ethically sourced materials as well! You will never find our Creators sitting on the floor or cramped into tiny workspaces. We believe in a livable wage, benefits, dignifying workspace and building relationships. And we make some pretty cool products while we are at it.

I remember shopping for kids clothes and finding a pack of 4 tshirts for my son for only R50. My first thought was “WOW- what a great deal!”. But now that I’m a part of the manufacturing process I then immediately thought of how little the seamstress must have been paid in order for the company to be able to sell 4 shirts for R50 and I wanted to shout at someone, but it’s such a big company so I felt helpless. With the Fashion Revolution movement, consumers are given an avenue to use their voice on social media to hold these companies accountable by asking #whomademyclothes ? Check out @fash_rev for details on how to be a part of making change in the fashion industry.
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