The Art of Empowerment

Ethical Shopping + Responsible Giving

Sparrow Society is a Non Profit Company based in Cape Town South Africa. Our aim is to go beyond mere charity by providing the skills training and opportunities for our Creators to earn a livable wage with dignity, and to go from merely surviving to thriving. We strive to create high quality products with ethically sourced materials featuring awesome Afri-Mod designs. Your purchase helps us in our mission to "Change the World One Really Cool Product at a Time".

The Purpose behind the Products


Our main goal is to create jobs – fun, creative and fulfilling jobs.
South Africa has one of the highest Gini Coefficients in the world – meaning we are one of the world’s most economically UNEQUAL societies. We have fabulous wealth and fatal poverty right next to each other. We hope to be a part of the solution to close that economic gap through creating dignifying jobs, adding to skills development and small business support.
So many of the clothes, accessories and gadgets we buy are made in sweatshops with no way for us to check up on fair labour practices. Often companies will prioritize their profit margins over the safety and dignity of the people actually making their products. Our company was built for the people, not the products, so we make sure to pay our amazing creators the wages they deserve and offer business support for those wanting to move on and start their own brands and companies. But we don’t stop there- often, the materials in “local” products get overlooked, but we wanted every piece of our products to be considered. For this reason we are committed to sourcing ethical materials and have gone through extensive lengths to make sure that we source our materials from reputable and local companies wherever possible.

Strategy 1.0


At our main work shop in Muizenberg, South Africa, we offer a specialised mentorship program for young ladies who want to take the next step in their creative careers. Whether they are interested in starting their own fashion line, want to start a creative company of their own, or just want to learn more about how to take their trade further, this space allows for the Sparrow Creators to learn every aspect of the business and gain assistance and support in making their dreams a reality. We do not see Sparrow Society as the end-goal for these ladies; it is merely a stepping stone to encourage their creative potential and launch them into their own successes.

Strategy 2.0


We partner with skills development organizations around South Africa. These incredible organizations have been in their communities long before we arrived and already have great relationships with the people there. We come alongside these organizations and provide extra support and offer an avenue for them to earn revenue to make their programs self sustainable.

We are a social company that values


You will NEVER see pictures of our Creators sitting on a mat in the dirt weaving or cramped together in tiny workshops. While some “ethical” companies think that simply providing a job is enough and use these exploitative strategies and pictures in their marketing schemes, we value dignity above our profit line. We pay our Creators well above minimum wage and you will see from our photos that our Creators are not only able to survive – they are empowered to THRIVE!
We are committed to clean and open work spaces (with chairs and tables!), livable and thrive-able wages, bonuses, benefits and overall being treated as equal human beings that deserve a thriving lifestyle just as much as the founders do.